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You can transform every aspect of your mindset through positive autosuggestions.

Practice autosuggestion! Use meditation, sleep, or writing to practice autosuggestion. The more your practice your autosuggestion, the faster it will work.

Autosuggestions are positive words and sentences used repeatedly to change your perception. It is a self-development method used to create new, positive beliefs about yourself as well as an effective method for ending bad habits. Autosuggestion works by placing ideas into your subconscious and making it believe they are true.

Autosuggestion is the first step in accessing your Infinite Intelligence through the power of belief. Once you have built a strong mental foundation, you are now ready to operate on a level of elevated thought. Every human mind has a storehouse of ether, an abundant cosmic mass of infinite waves. When your thoughts are combined with a strong mental state of awareness, you develop a “charismatic” strength which appeals to, from the waves of ether, other complementary or relevant thoughts. When executed appropriately, every plan, idea, thought or purpose, adds FUEL TO THE FIRE.

Autosuggestion can be seen as a sort of pep-talk that you have with yourself. Repeating certain words silently in your mind can make you change your attitude towards something. It can give you the confidence to manage the things that you are nervous about, or give you the power to overcome your fears.

Your brain is an automatic “goal seeking” mechanism. If you have not programmed yourself with new goals – you will automatically strive towards the goals that are placed in your subconscious.

The reason autosuggestion is such a powerful principle is because of its ability to influence your subconscious mind. Whether they be good or bad, all dominating thoughts that are held by the conscious mind will eventually reach the subconscious mind through principle of autosuggestion.

Absolute faith is built over time, but you must first start out with the believe that it is possible. The objective is to concentrate upon your desired thoughts and hammer it within your subconscious mind with repetition and believe until you cultivate a burning burning obsession to succeed.

Put simply, it is the idea that a thought, repeated many times, will eventually form into a belief. If you understand this principle and know how to apply it, then you can use it to create for yourself any belief you choose, and, by extension, live the life you feel inspired to live.

Autosuggestion was popularize by many great science of mind thinkers and teachers of the law of attraction, including Napoleon Hill, Ernest Holmes, and Emile Coue.

In Napoleon Hill’s classic, Think and Grow Rich, autosuggestion is listed as the third step towards riches. Hill writes:
“All suggestions are self-administered stimuli that reach your mind through your five senses. Stated in another way, autosuggestion is self-suggestion.”

Hill argues that autosuggestion is an indispensable principle for creating a positive influence over your life. He goes so far as to say that no thought, regardless of whether it is a positive thought or a negative thought, could enter the mind without the use of autosuggestion.

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